Campus Buddy


Campus Buddy

A Media Outlet for Incoming James Madison University Students

I, along with 7 other media students, produced JMU Campus Buddy–a technology conscious portal for the incoming study body to alleviate freshman anxiety and increase mindfulness. We produced the project's own web page and social platform for students to connect with. I directed and interviewed a multitude of candidates for advice footage that is featured throughout the website. These videos were set to inform incoming students of student involvement, best campus dining, emotional obstacles and further. I also conducted in-depth research on demographics and preferences of the JMU community for data analysis that is shown in graphics presented on the opening page.

Above is the clickable screenshot of the JMU Campus Buddy webpage-, our mission statement video and one of the many videos I directed for the site. The webpage got some traction and was on the board to be presented to the president of the university for a JMU formal introductory option.