Concert Infographic


Big Sean Comes To JMU

A Digital Design For Concert Opener

In 2015 I was the head of Interactive Marketing for Center Stage of James Madison University's University Program Board, thus held an integral part in deciding and marketing the spring concert artists. After conducting surveys and holding multiple meetings with the organization, we chose to bring Detroit rap artist–Big Sean with rap group–Ground Up as our big-budget concert for the campus and community. After Big Sean's name was released for initial concert hype, I designed the digital graphic to inform the community of the spring show opener.

I used Adobe Photoshop to edit and rearrange the group to fit into a tight square dimension, then utilized Adobe Indesign for the information portion of the digital infographic. I kept the design clean and precise to fit the rap group's and the program's branding. My design was shared on the University Program Board's Instagram account paired with Ground Up's hottest single– "Let's Ride". The student body expressed excitement for the group and graphic on social media.