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... but mostly, I am an artistic communicator looking to professionally bridge the gap between audiences and brands via digital media. I currently reside in Northern Virginia, where I freelance my designs and oversee social accounts for a small flourishing business, but am looking to expand my horizons.

My tactic is to always communicate through a creative experience. I do this with the utilization of strategic marketing, community building, informing the masses through design and organizing digital content to convey the most effective message possible. If you're interested in hearing more about this, click to view my resume:

When I am not on the job I am creating very specific Spotify playlists, becoming the first Gluten-Free Julia Child and/or practicing my one-legged King pigeon pose (yoga)..... Namaste.

To learn more about me, follow me on my plethora of social accounts below or email/text/skype/send a carrier pigeon and I will read you my autobiography.

Let's connect and make things that spark good conversation!